Lumio Kids

Client: Lighthouse Learning
Services: Illustration, Branding, IA, Wireframes, Visual Design, User Testing

What is Lumio?

Lumio is a classroom teaching resource that tackles the toughest topics in Common Core math. The Lumio subscription offers fun, interactive math problems structured into learning pathways that get more challenging as learners progress.

My Role

I worked at Lighthouse Learning for two years working as the lead designer on developing the Lumio subscription product. We started as a small team of 4 and after two years had grown to a team of 10. I was responsible for all aspects of design, including research, UI/UX, story boarding, user flows, testing, marketing collateral, and all final output of assets.


The Challenge

• Make learning maths fun.
• Create a multi-platform product for desktop/tablet/mobile – only build once.
• Strictly follow the common core curriculum for US and UK.
• Create a structured template while looking like a rich variety of games.

The Approach

Like most digital start ups, Lighthouse Learning had a lean agile business model. Instead of tackling building the whole subscription product from the beginning, we developed bite sized games around one sub topic from the core curriculum and released them on the app store. This way we could test certain aspects at a time and get feedback as soon as possible while also creating a brand awareness. We built with HTML, this way all our content would be responsive and only needed to be built once.

To keep us from jumping in and talking over each other during our moring stand up, we would choose a toy and whoever held the toy held the talking power!

Dragon Shapes, our first App!

Dragon Shapes features four academic levels of difficulty as you follow the story of a young warrior and his quest to rescue the village’s missing dragon. Each level offers a structured sequence of geometric puzzles themed to the characters from the story: butterfly, turtle, mountain goat and dragon.

Storyboard sketches

Evolving Brand Design

We released 8 apps before building our subscription product and grew and changed a lot from our first app Dragon Shapes. We broke off from using the Lighthouse Learning brand and from there Lumio was created.

The design style evolved, we wanted to go simpler and play down the brass and gold. The content creator grew and with more features we could explore a variety of game interactions.


Templated Interfaces

A structured template allowed us to easily create new games and themes without the developers having to build each game from scratch. This way we could easily swap out graphics creating a completely new look and feel.


User Testing

We would regularly get kids in to do testing and gather feedback. We found generally kids are a lot more intuitive than their parents when it came to digital interaction.

Introducing Lumio Kids!

Lumio kids combines all the learning content from our previous apps into one easy to manage subscription product.

Progressing from home users to schools

Now we finally had our subscription product out, we soon discovered that schools needs were too different from home users. So a second subscription product was created designed purely for school users.

Dealing with more content & a shift in user

With more and more content being added and focusing more on our school users, we now needed to re-look at the way we structured the content within the product.

The content was broken down to reflect how a teacher would plan their classes. While structuring it in a more class friendly way, we still focused on ease of use and engagement from a child’s perspective.

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“Really nicely put-together app. Very simple to follow with lovely graphics.”

“My kids wanted to play this rather than Minecraft. This made me very happy!”

“Always looking for entertaining maths apps. The kooky scientist voice cracks me up and really brings the math puzzles to life. My 8 yr old was laughing the whole time.”